Under WV law the Sheriff-Treasurer is responsible for receiving and distribution of all county funds.

The office of the Sheriff is the principal tax collection agency for Mineral County. Other duties include, balancing all county accounts, preparing county financial statements, collection of Real estate and

Personal property taxes, enforcing delinquent tax collections and issuing DMV renewals.

The Sheriff office is not responsible for assessing the value of real estate and personal taxes as that is the role reserved for the Assessor Office of Mineral County. The Sheriff is only responsible for collecting the taxes as levied.

Tax bills come out mid- July each year.

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Forms of payment for taxes are Cash, Personal check, or credit card. There is an additional charge to the customer in the amount of 2.05% by the Point and Pay processing company.

First half payment due to receive discount by September 1st and second half payment due by March 1st the following spring.

April 1st each year the taxes are considered delinquent and must be paid in full with sufficient funds.

Once taxes are delinquent they must be paid in sufficient funds such as Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order only.

All unpaid delinquent real estate taxes are subject to the yearly Sheriff’s Tax Sale held each November.

The Tax Office also processes 1 year Class A DMV Renewals only. You must have the Original renewal form mailed to you from the DMV in Charleston along with copy of current insurance and proper paid tax receipt. We charge an additional $1.00 for each renewal processed. The DMV may be paid by Cash or Check only.