Roles and Responsibilities

Mineral County voters elect a prosecuting attorney every four years. The prosecuting attorney is the chief legal officer of the county and has the responsibility in both criminal and civil cases.


In criminal cases, the prosecuting attorney assists in the investigation of all crimes and other law violations in the county.


In civil cases, the prosecuting attorney acts as legal advisor to the County Commission and other county officials.


The prosecuting attorney may also be called upon to assist the state Attorney General in state legal actions within the county.

We care about the citizens of Mineral County, and take pride in serving them through good and bad times. We will work hard to keep our communities safe.

― F. Cody Pancake III

Additional Duties of the Office

Other duties and responsibilities of the prosecutor's office include:

  • The prosecution of all crimes, both misdemeanors and felonies, within the county

  • Request warrants to be issued for persons charged with felonies

  • Try cases before magistrate and circuit judges

  • Present information to the Grand Jury for indictment of persons in connection with criminal activity

  • Represent the Department of Health & Human Resources in child abuse and neglect cases

  • Represent the State in juvenile delinquency cases

  • Appoint and supervise assistant prosecuting attorneys

  • Represent all elected county officials and county agencies

  • Prepare contracts and other documents for the county

  • File civil suits for county agencies and defend county agencies against civil actions

  • Serve as special prosecutors as appointed by the Prosecuting Attorneys Institute