Meetings of the Mineral County Commission are held in a hybrid format at the Mineral County Commission Administrative Annex. The Administrative Annex is located at 68 Armstrong St Keyser, WV 26726. For a link to view the meeting virtually please email 

Meeting Agenda DateDownload
7/23/24- 8:30am7/23/24- 8:30am
7/9/2024- 6:00pm07/09/2024- 6:00pm
6/25/24- 8:30am6/25/24- 8:30am
6/11/24- 4:00pm6/11/24- 4:00pm
5/28/24- 8:30am5/28/24- 8:30am
5/7/24- 6:00pm5/7/24- 6:00pm
4/23/24- 8:30am4/23/24- 8:30am
4/16/24- 1:00pm4/16/24- 1:00pm
4/9/24- 4:00pm4/9/24- 4:00pm
3/26/24- 8:30am3/26/24- 8:30am
3/12/24- 6:00pm3/12/24- 6:00pm
2/27/24- 8:30am2/27/24- 8:30am
1/30/24- 8:30am1/30/24- 8:30am
01/16/24- 6:00pm10/16/24- 6:00pm
Work Session- 1:15pm
Meeting- 4:00pm
Meeting Minutes