The Mineral County Sheriff’s department serves as a critical law enforcement agency in our county and is responsible for a unique level of authority and roles that often differ from those of other law enforcement agencies.

In addition to law enforcement, the Sheriff’s office is responsible for a variety of related functions including:

  • Jail administration & inmate custody
  • Serve all court paperwork
  • Bailiff for court proceedings
  • Court order enforcement
  • Transport prisoners and mental patients
  • Administer the financial matters of persons deemed incompetent
  • Issue concealed weapons licenses


Mineral County K-9 Unit
Mineral County has a single K-9 officer assigned to Road patrol. Rango is certified to find narcotics in vehicles, open areas, and structures. Rango is also trained in criminal apprehension and protection of his handler (Cpl. MM Leatherman).

PRO (Prevention Resource Officer) Officers
They are used to keep our children safe in our schools and enforce the drug and alcohol free environment providing education as needed.

Keyser High School PRO: Forrest Ellifritz 304-788-4230
Frankfort High School PRO: Vince Shambaugh 304-726-4767

Medication Disposal
We have a Drug Drop Box for unused prescriptions and unused unwanted medication that the citizens may come in and drop off with no questions asked in the main lobby of the Detention Center Monday-Friday from 9-4. This Disposal is monitored by security 24/7

Project Lifesaver
A search and rescue system using radio transmitter and electronic tracking equipment. The transmitter bracelet is worn by individuals with cognitive disabilities. Specially trained Deputies conduct the searches. Those that can benefit from this include: Alzheimers, Autism, Down Syndrome, Tramatic Brain Injury, or other cognitive disabilities who have a potential to wander off if left unattended.

Carfax Partnership
The Mineral Sheriff Department has teamed up with Carfax and if you were involved in a vehicle crash investigation by our agency you can purchase and download a copy of the report online by visiting CRASHDOCS.ORG. You must have the correct date and the Police Report Number given by the deputy at the scene. Crash Reports are $20.00. Investigative Reports are $10.00.